by Meganne Trela (Spring 2017)

Remember that the Illinois Open Meetings Act (“OMA”) now requires that IMRF participating employers post the total compensation package for each employee exceeding $75,000 in total compensation within six days after approving a budget on their website. Total compensation is defined as payment made to the employee for salary, health insurance, housing allowances, vehicles allowances, clothing allowances, bonuses, and vacation and sick days granted. 5 ILCS 120/7.3. In addition, an IMRF participating employer must post the total compensation package for employees receiving a total compensation package that is greater than or equal to $150,000 six days before approving the package. It is important that IMRF employers revisit these requirements and evaluate whether postings are being made in accordance with OMA. Questions regarding compliance with Section 7.3 of the OMA should be directed to one of the attorneys at Ottosen Britz Kelly Cooper Gilbert & DiNolfo, Ltd.