The Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts (NIAFPD) will host its annual conference on January 28-31, 2016 at the Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center. Presentations by our firm will include:  Michael Weinstein – “Fiduciary Responsibility and Pension Fund Administration.” Brian O’Connor – “Annual Timeline Requirements for Pension Funds.” Carolyn Welch Clifford – “Compliance and Enforcement Challenges for the DOI.” Robert Britz – “Issues for Healthcare Active and Retired Firefighters.” Joe Miller – “Using Misconduct Information and Criminal Records in Hiring.” Timothy Hoppa – “Dealing with Harassment in the Firehouse.” Shawn Flaherty – “Understanding the Process from Duty Injury to a Duty Disability Pension.” Tom Gilbert & John Motylinski – “Legal Updates for Commissioners.” Vladimir Shuliga, Jr. – “Ethical Considerations for Public Officials and Employees in the Electronic Age.” Karl Ottosen – “Maintaining Well Being and Handling Consequences for Unfit Firefighters.”